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Working Profile of an ESIC Social Security Officer - ESIC SSO Recruitment 2018-19

11 Oct, 2018 Misc


• He/she shall ensure that all coverable employers and employees within his jurisdiction are registered with the ESI Corporation

• He/she shall provide necessary assistance to all the beneficiaries under the ESI Act in getting the benefits for which they are eligible.

• He/She shall assist the employers in getting them and their employees registered. preparation of monthly contribution records/challan and in payment of contribution.

• He/she will also publicize the various benefits available under the ESI Act 1948 among the employees and their families.

• He/she will conduct inspections in order of priorities. laid down in the Inspection Policy, in force from time to time.

• While conducting the inspection, he/she shall ensure that all the employees working in the premises have been issued with the biometric cards. If he/she finds any employee who is not having biometric cards, he/she shall ascertain the reasons thereof and take necessary steps for capturing their biometric data, preparation of biometric cards and delivery of cards to I.P through Branch Manager.

• He/she shall also discuss with the employees working in the premises, at the time of inspection, about availability of benefits and shall make a report about their grievances, if any, on any type of deficiencies in Benefit Delivery System.

• The observation of Social Security Officer pertaining to the deficiency in services to the Insured Persons may be conveyed to Branch Manager with endorsement to Branch Officer Benefit branch

• He shall carry with him leaflets/publicity materials on the scheme to the extent.


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